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Premium Fishing Charters

*All charters are private with up to 6 guests.*

*Is your preferred date already booked? give us a call to confirm availability!*

- Taxidermy mounts of your catch are available at an additional fee.

- Shipping of your processed catch is available at an additional fee.

- Performance Second Wynnd fishing shirts are available for purchase! 

Second Wynnd Fishing Charters | Charter Boat Fishing | Fort Lauderdale

1/2 Day Charter 4 HOURS


Want to give fishing a try but not sure you want to commit the entire day? A half day charter could be right for you. These trips are also recommended for those prone to sea sickness, or with young kids. Due to our close proximity to fishable waters, there is still a good amount of time to catch some quality fish. Trips typically run from 8am-12pm, or 1pm-5pm.

Second Wynnd Fishing Charters | Charter Boat Fishing | Fort Lauderdale

3/4 Day Charter 6 HOURS

Cant decide between half day and full day? Split the difference with a 6 hour charter. These trips allow us to be a bit more flexible with our fishing style compared to a half day. This is our most popular option, and typically run from 8am- 2pm.


Full Day Charter 8 HOURS

These trips provide enough time to try numerous styles of fishing, allowing us to catch a multitude of species. We change our methods up seasonally depending on what's biting. We often start by running offshore targeting species such as mahi mahi, golden tiles, snowy grouper, rosies, and yellow eye snapper. Be sure to talk with Captain Preston before your trip. That way we can design a custom game plan based on your preferences. 

Second Wynnd Fishing Charters | Charter Boat Fishing | Fort Lauderdale

Swordfish Charter 8 HOURS

Swordfishing is a true passion and a specialty for us. They are consistent in our waters year-round. We fish for these “gladiators of the sea” day or night. We prefer the daytime because bigger fish tend to be caught during the day and we can target other species during the. Included in your trip is the preservation of your sword bill.

Second Wynnd Fishing Charters | Charter Boat Fishing | Fort Lauderdale

Custom Pleasure Cruise 
$200 per hour*
call to book

Come explore the “Venice of America” aboard the Second Wynnd. Enjoy a glass of wine while experiencing the sun setting across Fort Lauderdale Beach, or Millionaire's Row. Have an anniversary, graduation, birthday, or special occasion to celebrate? Perhaps a scenic boat ride before enjoying one of our many waterfront restaurants. Call us today to discuss any accommodation you have in mind. *2 hour minimum

Second Wynnd Fishing Charters | Charter Boat Fishing | Fort Lauderdale

Custom Bahamas Vacation


Let’s plan your dream Bahamian vacation! Our captain and crew has spent a great amount of time in the Bahamas. With more than 700 islands, the possibilities are endless. Be it a long weekend in Bimini, our closest island, or a multi-week journey exploring the island nation. We arrange a vacation tailored around your desires. Daytime activities include fishing, snorkeling, spearfishing, exploring secluded beaches, or even playing with the swimming pigs you’ve seen in travel magazines. This private charter allows you the possibility to break free of the routine destinations visited daily by the cruise ships. Call us today to begin planning out an adventure of a lifetime.

Our pickup location

Cox's Landing, 15th Street Boat Lot

1784 SE 15th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

For more information on our charters, visit our


Company Policies


  • Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Charters may not be rescheduled by the customer within 48 hours of departure time, and will be charged the full amount.

  • If no contact is made within 30 minutes after departure time, the charter is considered a “No show." The charter will be canceled, and the full amount will be charged.

  • If rescheduling is necessary, deposits will be honored for 1 year from charter date.

  • All credit card transactions are subject to processing fees.

  • Credit card processing fees are non-refundable.

  • If the captain is forced to cancel the charter due to weather or other circumstance, a refund will be provided. (Credit card processing fees non-refundable)

  • All credit card transactions are subject to fees.

  • Spray sunblock, cigarettes, and Glass bottles are NOT permitted on board. ​​

  • Charter guests are responsible for all damages/loss of equipment caused by members of their party. Leave pocket knives with clips, sharp jewelry, articles of clothing with sharp features, or anything else that could damage upholstery at home or stow them away. The value of the damages/losses are determined by the captain.

  • Alcohol is allowed, however if any guests are deemed drunk/unsafe by the captain, the charter will be terminated with no refund.

  • Misuse of the boat or equipment is prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination of the charter without refund.

  • Firearms, drugs, and other illegal substances are NOT permitted onboard. The discovery of these items will result in immediate termination of charter without refund.

  • The fishing trip operates under the authority of the boat Captain. The boat Captain has the authority to terminate the fishing trip in the event of unacceptable conduct by the fishing party.

  • A trip terminated by the Captain due to the bad weather, once the charter is underway, will not be eligible for a refund if the party agreed to begin the fishing trip knowing of the impending weather.

DISCLAIMER – Fishing is not an exact science and does not come without risk. Off-shore fishing come with many hazards. There are moving waves, rocking boats, fish hooks, leads, doors that open and shut and obviously there are fish that can bite you, fin you, poke you, or have scales that can slice you. We do all we can to protect you, but your participation is VOLUNTARY and assume all risks involved. When you book a charter with us, it is implied that you understand the risks involved.

Now back to the GOOD NEWS

We are blessed to have great year-round fishing and weather in Fort Lauderdale. There's alway something biting. We are also lucky to be located so close to deep sea fishing waters. In other parts of the state, long runs are required to get into deep fishing waters. For us, about one mile from port. So let's get out there and have some fun!

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